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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Program Overview:

The Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) offers a variety of postdoctoral fellowship and associate positions. Predoctoral and advanced undergraduate appointments are also available as opportunity determines. Fellows and associates can engage in a wide range of experiences that include designing and constructing specialized experimental devices, participating in seminars and symposia, and gathering and analyzing data. These projects are shaped to preserve maximum flexibility and to fit the scientific interests of both Staff Members and fellows.

Fellows at EPL are regarded as scientific colleagues, free to chart their individual research agendas. Every fellow has access to the full staff of EPL and the other departments of the Carnegie Institution, as well as to a group of non-resident collaborators and visiting investigators from all parts of the world. Cooperating institutions, universities, government agencies, and private organizations provide further substantial resources for scholarship.

Predoctoral students may be accepted for training in an area of research leading to the preparation of a thesis for an advanced degree at a cooperating university. One or more of the EPL faculty usually serve as thesis advisors.

We believe academic environments should be places where diverse groups of people with a variety of viewpoints and ideas can thrive and work together. As such, we encourage applicants from under-represented groups and backgrounds to apply. Women and minority candidates are encouraged. Carnegie is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. 

On the du Pont Telescope at Las Campanas, we have a specialized astrometric camera, designed to measure the positions of stars with great accuracy. Here is EPL (formerly DTM) postdoc Jessica Donaldson and former postdoc Jackie Faherty on the catwalk. Photo by Alycia Weinberger, EPL.
Resources for Current Postdocs

Open Postdoctoral Positions: 

There are no open postdoctoral fellowships at this time. 

Resources for Applicants:

Below are several successful Carnegie Fellowship applications generously made available by previous postdoctoral fellows. Please note that these are only meant as examples and they exhibit a variety of approaches, each of which was effective in its own way. We are not endorsing any particular approach but rather suggest looking at these for examples of good style, organization, and best practice.