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At the Earth and Planets Laboratory, we work at the frontier of human knowledge. We discover new worlds, create new materials, illuminate the inner workings of our planet, and seek to understand the universe that is our home. In 2020 we merged the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (est.1904) and the Geophysical Lab (est.1905) to create a new multidisciplinary department. By combining a century of scientific trailblazing, we are better suited than ever to collaborate, discover, and innovate.

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Establishing a molecular understanding of isotopic enrichment and variation in extraterrestrial organic solids contained within Chondritic meteorites
Dr. George Cody, Earth and Planets Laboratory (General Seminar (Hybrid))
Thursday, September 29, 2022 - 11:00

Applying crystal clocks to metamorphic rocks: Using Li isotopes in garnet to constrain fluid flow processes during subduction metamorphism
Dr. Sarah Penniston-Dorland, University of Maryland (General Seminar (Hybrid))
Monday, October 3, 2022 - 11:00

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Physicist’s estate to advance geochemistry and cosmochemistry at Carnegie

Abelson image

Washington, DC—The estate of the late Carnegie physicist and historian Louis Brown, who died in 2004, and his wife Lore, who died late last year, included a bequest of $4.5 million to support research about the Solar System’s formation and evolution, as well as the planet’s dynamic interior processes.

Carnegie’s Michael Walter Honored By American Geophysical Union

Mike Walter

Earth and Planets Laboratory Director Michael Walter, an experimental petrologist who studies deep-Earth minerals and melts to elucidate the formation and evolution of our planet’s dynamic interior, will be honored with the American Geophysical Union’s Normal L. Bowen Award at the organization’s annual Fall Meeting in December.

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Earth and Planets Laboratory scientists regularly explore our planet and the universe. Along the way they capture images of stunning landscapes, geophysical processes and data visualizations.

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