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Explore publications, both past and present, from Earth and Planets Laboratory staff members, postdoctoral fellows, and associates. These lists are maintained by the campus librarian, Shaun Hardy. If you have questions about their contents, please contact him by email.

Publications Stats

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    Our scientists have had 36 publications in 2023 so far.

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    Our scientists published 237 papers in 2022.

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    Since inception

    Since the Earth and Planets Laboratory was formed in 2020, our scientists have published around 600 papers.

Cover page of Land Magnetic Observations 1905-1910

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Monographs

Explore online versions of the historic Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (DTM) monographs in geomagnetism, atmospheric electricity, cosmic-ray studies, oceanography, and other areas of geophysics.

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Two pages of a Geophysical Laboratory annual report

Geophysical Laboratory Annual Reports

The Annual Report of the Director, Geophysical Laboratory was published through 1991 and contains original research results.

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