Crafting a Competitive Postdoctoral Application: Insider Tips from EPL Experts

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Apply with confidence! This comprehensive Q&A will help you navigate through the nuances of fashioning a compelling postdoc application.
Postdocs and scientists cheer on Rapids Bridge in Rock Creek Park during Postdoc Appreciation Day

Planning to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship this year? We’ve gathered insights straight from the experts at the Carnegie Science Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) to help you put your best foot forward. This Q&A will provide you with an in-depth guide on how to create a compelling postdoc application that stands out in the crowd!

Top Tips (TL;DR)

  • Contact a possible mentor at EPL to discuss your proposal idea. 
  • Describe how the research is compelling in the context of broad and important science questions.
  • Explain why EPL is the best place to conduct this research.

Section 1: Evaluation Criteria

Section 2: Writing About Your Proposed Research

Section 3: Writing about Your Past Research

Section 4: Demonstrating Fit

Section 5: Other General Questions

This FAQ is based on advice from our Staff Scientists. Please do not hesitate to reach out to EPL's Postdoc Selection Committee Chair, Associate Director Alycia Weinberger, or EPL Director, Michael Walter, with any further questions.

Good luck!

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