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Postdoctoral Programs and Resources

Postdoctoral fellows and associates at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) are regarded as scientific colleagues, free to chart their individual research agendas, and part of the strong scientific community here. Every fellow has access to the full staff on the EPL campus and the other departments of the Carnegie Institution, as well as to a group of non-resident collaborators and visiting investigators from all parts of the world. 

We believe strongly in ongoing training for postdocs. The EPL Laboratory Postdoctoral Development Program includes workshops in preparing budgets, writing grants, giving talks, applying for jobs, mentoring, and management. Our postdoctoral scientists are now employed in research and educational institutions all over the world and form an extended network of connections for new postdocs; we aim to have the best-trained postdoctoral scientists in the field and to provide the most rigorous and positive scientific experience here at EPL.



EPL has been home to many of the leading scientists today. Here is a full list of all our postdoctoral fellow and associate alumni. 

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Within its impressive facilities, the Earth and Planets Laboratory has many resources that are available to all those working on campus.

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Postdoctoral Opportunities

The department offers a variety of postdoctoral fellow and associate positions.

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Postdoc Workshop


EPL is committed to providing our postdocs resources, mentoring, and support toward their future employment goals.

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Resources and links for employment opportunities.

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