Introducing the 2023 SURI Interns

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Get ready to be inspired. The 2023 summer interns have arrived! #suri23
Interns cheer in front of the Atomic Physics Observatory

Please join us in welcoming eight exceptional undergraduate students who have dedicated their summer to exploring the fascinating realms of Earth, planetary, and astronomical sciences as a part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Internship (SURI) at the Carnegie Science Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL).

SURI is a competitive summer internship that offers an opportunity for undergraduate students to dive headfirst into the world of scientific research. Spanning ten weeks (June 5, 2023, to August 11, 2023), this transformative program pairs each intern with an experienced Carnegie mentor to work on designated research projects. The ultimate goal? Develop an original research finding suitable for presentation at a national scientific meeting. 

For many, this program is a stepping stone toward a future in scientific research—providing invaluable hands-on experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

We are proud to host these talented individuals and look forward to witnessing the contributions they will make to the scientific community now and in the future. 

Meet the 2023 SURI interns: 


Louis Diment Portrait

Louis Diment

Louis Diment, who is pursuing a Master of Science in Chemistry on top of a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Virginia, will explore the Fate of Carbon During Impact alongside Andrew Steele.

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Kayla Jones Intern Portrait

Kayla Nicole Jones

Kayla Jones, a geology major at the College of William and Mary, will focus on studying the formation of Cobalt-bearing Deposits with Dionysis Foustoukos.

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Vasundhara Gatne Portrait

Vasundhara Gatne

Vasundhara Gatne, a computer science major at Virginia Tech, will team up with Anirudh Prabhu and Mike Wong for the Planetary Informatics Exploration project.

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Sophia Lanaya Intern Portrait

Sophia Lanava

Sophia Lanava, an astrophysics major from Bryn Mawr College, will join Alycia Weinberger to study Planet Formation in Dusty Disks.

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Rafael Loriga Jr Intern Portrait

Rafael Loriga

Rafael Loriga, a chemistry student at Florida International University, will delve into the Thermal Conductivity of Earth's Minerals and Alloys, collaborating with Alex Goncharov.

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mick Mayer Portrait Intern

Mick Mayer

Mick Mayer, who studies astronomy and physics at Haverford College, will embark on an exciting search for Big Planets Around Small Stars under the guidance of Shubham Kanodia.

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Intern Arya Papal Portrait

Arya Papal

Arya Pandurang Papal, an astrophysics and physics student from the University of Cincinnati, will work to uncover the secrets of the Composition of Planet-forming Materials Around Low-Mass Stars with Dana Anderson.

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Kidus Teshome Intern Portrait

Kidus Yared Teshome

Kidus Yared Teshome, a student from Marymount University pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, will collaborate with Cian Wilson on the Modeling Subduction Zone Evolution project.

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Please join us in welcoming these exceptional interns as they embark on a journey of discovery and contribute to cutting-edge research. Together, we will make this summer an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!



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