How to change the freezing point of water and other curiosities from between the anvils

Staff Scientist Timothy Strobel

September 28, 2021
Neighborhood Lecture Series
Dr. Timothy Strobel (Carnegie Institution for Science)

In this lecture, Dr. Timothy Strobel will discuss future prospects for conquering metastability, provide a live demonstration of high-pressure materials generator technology and highlight some of the cutting-edge metastable materials recently discovered at the Earth and Planets Laboratory.

X-ray diffraction and laser-compression reveal complex material behavior at extreme conditions

Dr. Federica Coppari

October 4, 2021
General Seminar
Dr. Federica Coppari

The use of lasers to induce extreme compression states has enabled the study of material properties and equations of state at unprecedented pressure and temperature conditions. By carefully designing the laser pulse shape (i.e. laser power vs time), one can compress and heat the sample to a specific state, allowing the investigation of the material phase diagram.

What makes a planet habitable?

Staff Scientist Anat Shahar

October 26, 2021
Neighborhood Lecture Series
Dr. Anat Shahar (Carnegie Institution for Science)

Why is Earth habitable? Where will life be detected elsewhere? What type of planet is most likely to sustain life? Beyond Earth, what are the characteristics of a habitable planet? 

This talk will present more questions than answers but will show you how we at Carnegie, along with our international collaborators, are tackling these questions in order to understand the origin of habitable planets.