Recent Publications


Publication from June-August 2021

Earth’s History and Formation

Britvin, S. N., O. S. Vereshchagin, V. V. Shilovskikh, M. G. Krzhizhanovskaya, L. A. Gorelova, N. S. Vlasenko, A. S. Pakhomova, A. N. Zaitsev, A. A. Zolotarev, M. Bykov, M. S. Lozhkin, and F. Nestola, Discovery of terrestrial allabogdanite (Fe, Ni)2P, and the effect of Ni and Mo substitution on the barringerite-allabogdanite high-pressure transition, Am. Mineral. 106, 944-952, 2021.

Gion, A. M., P. M. Piccoli, Y. Fei, P. A. Candela, and R. D. Ash, Experimental constraints on the formation of pegmatite-forming melts by anatexis of amphibolite: a case study from Evje-Iveland, Norway, Lithos 398-399, 106342, 2021.

Kueter, N., G. D. Cody, D. I. Foustoukos, and B. O. Mysen, Hydrogen isotope fractionation inside silicate melts and glasses studied by 1H and 2H MAS NMR spectroscopy – molecular insights into deuterium exchange at the melt-fluid interface, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 309, 171-190, 2021.

Nakajima, M., G. J. Golabek, K. Wünnemann, D. C. Rubie, C. Burger, H. J. Melosh, S. A. Jacobson, L. Manske, and S. D. Hull, Scaling laws for the geometry of an impact-induced magma ocean, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 568, 116983, 2021.

Nakanishi, N., A. Giuliani, R. W. Carlson, M. F. Horan, J. Woodhead, D. G. Pearson, and R. J. Walker, Tungsten-182 evidence for an ancient kimberlite source, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 118, e2020680118, 2021.

Staddon, L. G., I. J. Parkinson, A. J Cavosie, T. Elliott, J. W. Valley, J. Fournelle, A. I. S. Kemp, and S. B. Shirey, Detrital chromite from Jack Hills, Western Australia: signatures of metamorphism and constraints on provenance, J. Petrol., 2021. Early Access.

Wang, W., Y. Li, J. P. Brodholt, L. Vočadlo, M. J. Walter, and Z. Wu, Strong shear softening induced by superionic hydrogen in Earth's inner core, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 568, 117014, 2021.

Wang, W., O. Tschauner, S. Huang, Z. Wu, Y. Meng, H. Bechtel, and H. K. Mao, Coupled deep-mantle carbon-water cycle: evidence from lower-mantle diamonds, Innovation 2, 100117, 2021. 

Our Active Planet

Canitano, A., M. Mouyen, Y.-J. Hsu, A. Linde, S. Sacks, and H.-M. Lee, Fifteen years of continuous high-resolution borehole strainmeter measurements in eastern Taiwan: an overview and perspectives, GeoHazards 2, 172-195, 2021.

Delph, J. R., K. Shimizu, and B. C. Ratschbacher, The architecture of the southern Puna magmatic system: integrating seismic and petrologic observations with geochemical modeling, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth 126, e2020JB021550, 2021.

Le Mével, H., L. Córdova, C. Cardona, and K. L. Feigl, Unrest at the Laguna del Maule volcanic field 2005-2020: renewed acceleration of deformation, Bull. Volcanol. 83, 39, 2021.

Reath, K., M. E. Pritchard, D. C. Roman, T. Lopez, S. Carn, T. P. Fischer, Z. Lu, M. P. Poland, R. G. Vaughan, R. Wessels, L. L. Wike, and H. K. Tran, Quantifying eruptive and background seismicity, deformation, degassing, and thermal emissions at volcanoes in the United States during 1978-2020, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth 126, e2021JB021684, 2021.

Materials Under Extreme Conditions

Bhoi, K., S. Dash, S. Dugu, D. K. Pradhan, A. K. Singh, P. N. Vishwakarma, R. S. Katiyar, and D. K. Pradhan, Investigation of the phase transitions and magneto-electric response in the 0.9(PbFe0.5Nb0.5)O3-0.1Co0.6Zn0.4Fe1.7Mn0.3O4 particulate composite, J. Compos. Sci. 5, 165, 2021.

Bykov, M., E. Bykova, A. V. Ponomareva, F. Tasnádi, S. Chariton, V. B. Prakapenka, K. Glazyrin, J. S. Smith, M. F. Mahmood, I. A. Abrikosov, and A. F. Goncharov, Realization of an ideal Cairo tessellation in nickel diazenide NiN2: high-pressure route to pentagonal 2D materials, ACS Nano 15, 13539-13546, 2021.

Chen, L.-C., P.-Q. Chen, W.-J. Li, Q. Zhang, V. V. Struzhkin, A. F. Goncharov, Z. Ren, and X.-J. Chen, Lattice melting and superconductivity in a group IV-VI compound, Phys. Rev. B 103, 214516, 2021.

Heinen, B. J., J. W. E. Drewitt, M. J. Walter, C. Clapham, F. Qin, A. K. Kleppe, and O. T. Lord, Internal resistive heating of non-metallic samples to 3000 K and >60 GPa in the diamond anvil cell, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 92, 063904, 2021.

Huang, G., Z.-Y. Cao, T.-R. Wei, A. F. Goncharov, K. Glazyrin, H. Yu, X. Shi, L.-D. Chen, and X.-J. Chen, Memory of pressure-induced superconductivity in a phase-change alloy, Phys. Rev. B 103, 174515, 2021.   

Shiell, T. B., L. Zhu, B. A. Cook, J. E. Bradby, D. G. McCulloch, and T. A. Strobel, Bulk crystalline 4H-silicon through a metastable allotropic transition, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 215701, 2021.

Zhang, X., Y. Wang, M. Bykov, E. Bykova, S. Chariton, V. B. Prakapenka, K. Glazyrin, and A. F. Goncharov, Immiscibility in N2–H2O solids up to 140 GPa, J. Chem. Phys. 154, 234505, 2021.

Discoveries in Our Solar System

Bristow, T. F., J. P. Grotzinger, E. B. Rampe, J. Cuadros, S. J. Chipera, G. W. Downs, C. M. Fedo, J. Frydenvang, A. C. McAdam, R. V. Morris, C. N. Achilles, D. F. Blake, N. Castle, P. Craig, D. J. Des Marais, R. T. Downs, R. M. Hazen, D. W. Ming, S. M. Morrison, M. T. Thorpe, A. H. Treiman, V. Tu, D. T. Vaniman, A. S. Yen, R. Gellert, P. R. Mahaffy, R. C. Wiens, A. B. Bryk, K. A. Bennett, V. K. Fox, R. E. Millken, A. A. Fraeman, and A. R. Vasavada, Brine-driven destruction of clay minerals in Gale crater, Mars, Science 373, 198-204, 2021.

Clark, B. C., V. M. Kolb, A. Steele, C. H. House, N. L. Lanza, P. J. Gasda, S. J. VanBommel, H. E. Newsom, and J. Martínez-Frías, Origin of life on Mars: suitability and opportunities, Life 11, 539, 2021.

Clement, M. S., and J. E. Chambers, Dynamical avenues for Mercury's origin. II. In situ formation in the inner terrestrial disk, Astron. J. 162, 3, 2021.

Clement, M. S., and S. S. Sheppard, Stability of Neptune's distant resonances in the presence of Planet Nine, Astron. J. 162, 27, 2021.

Clement, M. S., N. A. Kaib, S. N. Raymond, and J. E. Chambers, The early instability scenario: Mars' mass explained by Jupiter's orbit, Icarus 367, 114585, 2021.

Gattacceca, J., F. M. McCubbin, J. Grossman, A. Bouvier, E. Bullock, H. Chennaoui Aoudjehane, V. Debaille, M. D'Orazio, M. Komatsu, B. K. Miao, and D. L. Schrader, The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 109, Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 56, 1626-1630, 2021.

Giri, C., A. Steele, and M. Fries, Evidence for protosolar graphene in Allende and QUE 94366 CV3 meteorites, Planet. Space Sci. 203, 105267, 2021.

Tu, V. M., E. B. Rampe, T. F. Bristow, M. T. Thorpe, J. V. Clark, N. Castle, A. A. Fraeman, L. A. Edgar, A. McAdam, C. Bedford, C. N. Achilles, D. Blake, S. J. Chipera, P. I. Craig, D. J. Des Marais, G. W. Downs, R. T. Downs, V. Fox, J. P. Grotzinger, R. M. Hazen, D. W. Ming, R. V. Morris, S. M. Morrison, B. Pavri, J. Eigenbrode, T. S. Peretyazhko, P. C. Sarrazin, B. Sutter, A. H. Treiman, D. T. Vaniman, A. R. Vasavada, A. S. Yen, and J. C. Bridges, A review of the phyllosilicates in Gale crater as detected by the CheMin instrument on the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity Rover, Minerals 11, 847, 2021.

Planet Formation and Origins

Chambers, J., Rapid formation of Jupiter and wide-orbit exoplanets in disks with pressure bumps, Astrophys. J. 914, 102, 2021.

Clement, M. S., R. Deienno, N. A. Kaib, A. Izidoro, S. N. Raymond, and J. E. Chambers, Born extra-eccentric: a broad spectrum of primordial configurations of the gas giants that match their present-day orbits, Icarus 367, 114556, 2021.

Godoy-Rivera, D., J. Tayar, M. H. Pinsonneault, R. Rodríguez Martínez, K. G. Stassun, J. L. van Saders, R. L. Beaton, D. A. García-Hernández, and J. K. Teske, Testing the limits of precise subgiant characterization with APOGEE and Gaia: opening a window to unprecedented astrophysical studies, Astrophys. J. 915, 19, 2021.

Jeffreson, S. M. R., B. W. Keller, A. J. Winter, M. Chevance, J. M. D. Kruijssen, M. R. Krumholz, and Y. Fujimoto, A scaling relation for the molecular cloud lifetime in Milky Way-like galaxies, Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 505, 1678-1698, 2021/

Jeffreson, S. M. R., M. R. Krumholz, Y. Fujimoto, L. Armillotta, B. W. Keller, M. Chevance, and J. M. D. Kruijssen, Momentum feedback from marginally-resolved HII regions in isolated disc galaxies, Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 505, 3470-3491, 2021.

Klein, B. L., A. E. Doyle, B. Zuckerman, P. Dufour, S. Blouin, C. Melis, A. J. Weinberger, and E. D. Young, Discovery of beryllium in white dwarfs polluted by planetesimal accretion, Astrophys. J. 914, 61, 2021.   

Paneque-Carreño, T., L. M. Pérez, M. Benisty, C. Hall, B. Veronesi, G. Lodato, A. l Sierra, J. M. Carpenter, S. M. Andrews, J. Bae, T. Henning, W. Kwon, H. Linz, L. Loinard, C. Pinte, L. Ricci, M. Tazzari, L. Testi, and D. Wilner, Spiral arms and a massive dust disk with non-Keplerian kinematics: possible evidence for gravitational instability in the disk of Elias 2-27, Astrophys. J. 914, 88, 2021.

Singerling, S. A., N. Liu, L. R. Nittler, C. M. O'D. Alexander, and R. M. Stroud, TEM analyses of unusual presolar silicon carbide: insights into the range of circumstellar dust condensation conditions, Astrophys. J. 913, 90, 2021.

Exploring Exoplanets

Benisty, M., J. Bae, S. Facchini, M. Keppler, R. Teague, A. Isella, N. T. Kurtovic, L. M. Pérez, A. Sierra, S. M. Andrews, J. Carpenter, I. Czekala, C. Dominik, T. Henning, F. Menard, P. Pinilla, and A. Zurlo, A circumplanetary disk around PDS70c, Astrophys. J. Lett. 916, L2, 2021.

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Crotts, K. A., B. C. Matthews, T. M. Esposito, G. Duchêne, P. Kalas, C. H. Chen, P. Arriaga, M. A. Millar-Blanchaer, J. H. Debes, Z. H. Draper, M. P. Fitzgerald, J. Hom, M. A. MacGregor, J. Mazoyer, J. Patience, M. Rice, A. J. Weinberger, D. J. Wilner, and S. Wolff, A deep polarimetric study of the asymmetrical debris disk HD 106906, Astrophys. J. 915, 58, 2021.

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