Teaching/Research Statements II

Teaching/Research Statements II

Teaching/Research Statements II

Lara Wagner, Diana Roman, Rick Carlson, Steve Shirey

November 4, 2014


DTM's Lara Wagner, a former Associate Professor of Seismology and Tectonics at the Department of Geological Sciences, UNC Chapel Hill, led the discussion on how to prepare winning teaching and research statements for academic job applications. 16 postdocs (DTM and GL) attended. 

While you most certainly have research experience to discuss in your research statement, you may not have much (or any) teaching experience. Teaching statements are the most variable component of the application package because there is no real fixed format. Whether or not you have significant teaching experience, use this opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to teaching.

All teaching statements should include:

  • Synopsis of your approach (real or hypothetical) to teaching classes (“philosophy”)
    • What principles/goals guide your pedagogical decisions?
    • What motivates you to learn about this subject?
    • What do you expect to be the outcome of my teaching?
    • How do you know when you’ve taught successfully
  • Synopsis of your past teaching experience
  • Synopsis of courses you can/would like to teach


  1. Brief (1-2 pages)
  2. Narrative/first person
  3. Reflective and personal (goals for students, methods to achieve goals, methods of assessment) – specific examples are good
  4. Highlight strengths and accomplishments

For sample teaching statement and other information, click here.

Jabrane Labidi
Cecile Feuillie
Zachary Geballe
Colin Jackson
Xiaoming Liu
Sergey Lobanov
Javier Francisco Nossa
Stevce Stefanoski
Haidong Zhang
Marion Garcon
Brad Foley
Jessica Donaldson
Jared Marske
Pamela Arriagada
Sergio Dieterich
Amanda Lough

Lara Wagner
Diana Roman
Rick Carlson
Steve Shirey
Janice Dunlap
Casey Leffue