"Navigating Nature Geoscience"

"Navigating Nature Geoscience"

"Navigating Nature Geoscience"

Tamara Goldin, Associate Editor

April 14, 2015


Tamara Goldin, an associate editor at Nature Geoscience, hosted a workshop titled "Navigating Nature Geoscience"  on Tuesday, 14 April 2015, in the Abelson Collaboration Center as part of DTM's Postdoctoral Development Workshop series.

Goldin discussed her role as an editor at Nature Geoscience, as well as what she's looking for in a paper. She reviewed the paper submission requirements, her criteria when picking a reviewer, and the common myths associated with science publication editors, like herself. She concluded the workshop by discussing the new double-blind peer review option Nature Geoscience is now offering, and how this could potentially improve the editing process for both the writers and the reviewers.


Geophysical Laboratory Postdocs:

  • Neil Bennett
  • Stephen Elardo
  • Qingyang Hu
  • Colin Jackson
  • Jabrane Labidi
  • Charles Le Losq
  • Xiaoming Liu
  • Irene Mamajanov
  • Ileana Perez-Rodriguez
  • Rajasekarakumar Vadapoo
  • Haidong Zhang
  • Ronit Kessel (GL Visiting Investigator)

DTM Postdocs:

  • Amanda Lough
  • Brad Foley
  • Rita Parai
  • Marion Garcon
  • Christopher Thissen


  • Rick Carlson
  • Robin Dienel
  • Janice Dunlap
  • Shaun Hardy
  • Mary Horan
  • Casey Leffue
  • Diana Roman
  • Lara Wagner