Job Interview: Talks & Tips

Job Interview:  Talks & Tips

Job Interview: Talks & Tips

Anat Shahar & Steve Shirey

November 7, 2018


So you have applied for a job and have landed an interview.  What do you do next?

  • Do your homework
  • Inform them in advance of any dietary restrictions you have
  • Prepare your elevator pitch
  • Have an up-to-date website
  • Sell yourself
  • Dress appropriately

Shahar and Shirey presented a detailed workshop highlighting the many important factors you must consider when planning either your skype or on-site job interview. 

In attendance:

DTM Postdocs:  Jaehan Bae, Elodie Brothelande, Serge Dieterich, Doug Hemingway, Helen Janiszewski, Tim Jones, Meredith MacGregor, Kathleen McKee, Brad Peters, Jesse Reimink, Kai Shimizu, Joyce Sim, Nate Sime, Jonathan Tucker, Sharon Wang

GL Postdocs:  Irina Chuvashova, Olivier Gagne, Amanda Lindoo, Wan Tang, Lin Wanbg, Jing Yang, Li Zhu,

Other:  Rick Carlson, Jan Dunlap, Diana Roman