"Congratulations! You got a job interview—now what?"

"Congratulations! You got a job interview—now what?"

"Congratulations! You got a job interview—now what?"

Anat Shahar, Steve Shirey

May 17, 2017


Steve Shirey, a staff scientist at DTM, and Anat Shahar, a staff scientist at the Geophysical Laboratory, led a postdoc workshop titled “Congratulations! You got a job interview—now what?” on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, in the Abelson Collaboration Center as part of DTM's Postdoctoral Development Workshop Series.

During their workshop, Shirey and Shahar discussed how to prepare for the initial Skype interview, prep before an on-site interview, the on-site interview, and post-interview etiquette. The attached workshop slides were organized as an interview checklist. They encouraged postdocs to use these slides, checking off each step as they go, to ensure they do everything they can to fully prepare for the interview.


POSTDOCS: Abhisek Basu, Gustav Borstad, Asmaa Boujibar, Serge Dieterich, Jessica Donaldson, Stephen Elardo, Amol Karandikar, Stefan Lachowycz, Sergey Lobanov (Research Scientist), Brad Peters, Jesse Reimink, My Riebe, Kai Shimizu, Maggie Thompson (Research Trainee), Jonathan Tucker, Qianqian Wang, Sharon Wang, Matthew Ward, Jianjun Ying, Li Zhu

SCIENTIFIC & ADMIN STAFF: Robin Dienel, Janice Dunlap, Casey Leffue, Aline Niyonkuru, Michelle Scholtes

VISITORS: Katherine Bermington, Josh Smith, Kosala Sirisena