Zachary Geballe
Research Scientist

Research Scientist Zachary Geballe

Research Interests

High pressure; mineralogy


B.S., Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Spring 2008; Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 2014

Contact & Links

  • (202) 478-8945
  • Earth and Planets Laboratory
    Carnegie Institution for Science
    5241 Broad Branch Road, NW
    Washington, DC 20015-1305
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Zachary Geballe studies the physical properties of geological materials at the pressures and temperatures that occur deep inside the Earth. His current focus is to understand the ways in which simple materials become disordered at near melting temperatures. At the highest pressures, he is using new electrical techniques to study electrical and thermodynamic properties of iron at conditions that mimic the Earth’s inner core boundary, where the molten outer core meets the solid inner core. At the lowest pressures, he plans to use X-ray correlation spectroscopy to search for new clues about what causes pre-melting phenomena in silicate minerals. He is also interested in glass transitions, superconducting transitions, and the physical properties of materials in the thermal boundary layer at the base of the Earth’s mantle.