Yingwei Fei
Staff Scientist

Staff Scientist Yingwei Fei

Research Interests

Earth and planet evolution; planetary interior processes; compositions of the Earth's mantle and core; physical properties of materials at high P and T; materials synthesis at high pressure; development of high-pressure techniques


B.S., Geochemistry, Zhejiang University, China, 1982; Ph.D., Geochemistry, City University of New York, 1989.

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Yingwei Fei examines materials at high pressure and temperature. He is interested in phase transitions, element partitioning, melting relations, chemical reactions and physical properties with applications to geophysics, petrology, mineral physics, geochemistry and planetary sciences. His main research goal is to understand the evolution and composition of planetary interiors through high-pressure simulation experiments using piston-cylinder apparatus, multi-anvil devices, diamond-anvil cell, and dynamic compression methods. He also pursues new materials synthesis at high pressure and temperature. In 2018 a mineral was named after him:  Feiite, Fe2+2(Fe2+Ti4+)O5.