Janina Czas
Diamond Specialist


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  • jczas@carnegiescience.edu
  • Earth and Planets Laboratory
    Carnegie Institution for Science
    5241 Broad Branch Road, NW
    Washington, DC 20015-1305
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Janina Czas is a high-temperature geochemist with an interest in mantle petrology, isotope geochemistry, and geochronology. She is fascinated by the processes that shape Earth’s deep interior. Diamonds and their inclusions (minerals and high-density fluids) present the unique opportunity to directly sample the deep mantle and are therefore a remarkable window into these otherwise inaccessible regions of our planet. She combines sample-based petrology with geochemistry to investigate the origin and evolution of Earth’s mantle and the mechanisms involved in diamond formation, which will improve our understanding of mantle processes and the deep volatile cycle.