Ming Hao
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ming Hao

Research Interests

High pressure; Geophysics; mineralogy; planetary science


B.S. Geology, Peking University (2017)
Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico

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Ming Hao studies the physical properties of materials in the Earth’s/planetary mantle/core under high-pressure conditions. At Carnegie, he will work with Anne Pommier and Michael Walter to measure the sound velocities and electrical conductivity of hydrous minerals in the Earth’s mantle. Seismic velocity and electrical conductivity observations are the powerful tools for us to investigate the Earth’s deep interior. Combining the measured physical properties of different minerals/rocks in the lab with the real observations, we can constrain the compositions of the mantle and further understand the mantle convection and evolution. Typically, water has important influence on both seismic velocity and electrical conductivity. Thus, it is necessary and interesting to investigate the physical properties of hydrous mantle minerals under high-pressure conditions.