Michael L. Wong
NHFP Sagan Fellow

Michael L Wong.png

Research Interests

Planetary atmospheres; habitability; biosignatures; emergence of life


Ph.D., Planetary Science (2018), California Institute of Technology

MS, Planetary Science (2014), California Institute of Technology

BA, Planetary Science (2012), University of California, Berkeley

Contact & Links


Michael Wong is an astrobiologist and planetary scientist whose primary scientific interests are planetary atmospheres, habitability, biosignatures, and the emergence of life. He is co-authoring a revised edition of the textbook Astrobiology: A Multidisciplinary Approach. He also hosts a podcast that examines science, technology, and culture through the lens of Star Trek.

He is working with Staff Scientist Bob Hazen to assess the Network Topologies of Exoplanet Atmospheres for Potential Biosignatures.