Kelsey A. Druken
Postdoctoral Fellow

Kelsey A. Druken

Research Interests

Geophysical fluid dynamics and Earth systems modeling; Integrating geodynamic processes and geophysical observables; Laboratory and numerical techniques for Earth Science


B.S., 2006, Physics & Physical Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Kingston Ph. D., 2012, Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Narragansett

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  • (202) 478-8469
  • kdruken at
  • Earth and Planets Laboratory
    Carnegie Institution for Science
    5241 Broad Branch Road, NW
    Washington, DC 20015-1305
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Kelsey's research focuses on geophysical modeling of mantle dynamics using complimentary laboratory and numerical techniques. Her Ph.D. and postdoctoral work has involved using these modeling approaches to understand convective processes within the Earth, such as subduction and mantle plumes, and their relation to seismic, geochemical, and geologic observables. Some of her current projects include: Interaction between subducting plates and mantle plumes (e.g., Tonga/Samoa, Cascades/Yellowstone); 4D subduction-driven mantle flow patterns and resulting thermal structure; Time-evolving strain patterns within plate- and buoyantly-driven mantle flow.