Anjali Piette
Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

Exoplanet atmospheres; Atmospheric characterization & modeling; Atmosphere-interior interactions


B.A.Natural Sciences, Astronomy (1st class), Pembroke College, University of Cambridge
MSci., Natural Sciences, Astronomy (1st class), Pembroke College, University of Cambridge
Ph.D. Astronomy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University (2021)

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Anjali Piette is an astronomer who studies the atmospheres of exoplanets, including their characterization and links to planetary surfaces/interiors.  Piette's research aims to shed light on the conditions in these planets by investigating the thermodynamic, radiative and chemical roles of their atmospheres in atmosphere-surface interactions. Super-Earths and mini-Neptunes (also known as sub-Neptunes) are the most common type of exoplanet discovered to date. However, with no solar-system analogue and a wide range of possible internal structures and atmospheric states, their nature remains mysterious. The atmospheres of sub-Neptunes can provide an observational window into their inner conditions and processes. 

At Carnegie, Piette is working with Peter Gao and Johanna Teske to study atmosphere/surface/interior interactions in sub-Neptune exoplanets. She uses both self-consistent atmospheric models and atmospheric retrievals to study the conditions and processes in these atmospheres, as well as their observable signatures.