Matthew J. Fouch
Staff Scientist

Matthew J. Fouch

Research Interests

Geophysics; seismology; Earth's internal structure and dynamics; seismic instrumentation; data visualization


B.A., 1993, Pomona College; M.S., 1996, Brown University; Ph.D., Geophysics, 1999, Brown University

Contact & Links

  • (202) 478-8827 | fax: (202) 478-8821
  • fouch at
  • Earth and Planets Laboratory
    Carnegie Institution for Science
    5241 Broad Branch Road, NW
    Washington, DC 20015-1305
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Meet DTM Staff Scientist, Matt Fouch!

Matt Fouch joined DTM in June 2011 as a Research Staff member in Geophysics. Previously an Associate Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, Fouch was a Harry Oscar Wood Fellow at DTM during 1999 and 2000 and spent a year at DTM on a recent sabbatical visit. He is broadly interested in crustal formation, structure and dynamics of the lithosphere, seismic instrumentation, extraterrestrial seismology, and data visualization. Fouch has conducted portable broadband seismic experiments on three continents, including co-leading (with David James) the seismological component of the High Lava Plains experiment. The primary goal of his research is to understand planetary internal structure and dynamics. Specifically, Fouch uses seismology and other geophysical techniques to examine the interior of Earth from crust to core using techniques that combine both data analysis and numerical methods. A primary tool for these investigations is the broadband seismometer array, which enable seismologists to tailor individual field experiments to address specific questions about Earth structure. Further, he has been deeply involved in the EarthScope Project, which has provided a wealth of new geophysical data that is helping revise paradigms of plate tectonic theory over continental scales. By incorporating seismic results with constraints from other Earth science fields, including (but not limited to) geodynamics, petrology, mineral physics, and geochemistry, Fouch strives to place his results in an interdisciplinary context. Fouch currently serves as Vice Chair of the IRIS Board of Directors and chairs the IRIS Coordinating Committee. He recently stepped down as chair of the EarthScope USArray Advisory Committee, and has served on a number of EarthScope, IRIS, and AGU committees, as well as several NSF and NASA panels.