Anne Pommier
Staff Scientist

Anne Pommier with her artwork

Research Interests

High-pressure experimental petrology; mineral physics; high pressure; planetary science


B.Sc. Volcanology, Polytech’Orléans, France - INGV Palermo, Italy (2005)
M.Sc. Mineral resources and lithospheric transfers), University of Orléans, France (2006)
Engineer Degree, Civil Engineering, geology, environment, soil and fluid mechanics), Polytech' Orléans engineering school, France (2006).
Ph.D. (experimental petrology), Institut des Sciences de la Terre d’Orléans, CNRS- University of Orléans, France (2009)

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Anne Pommier's research is dedicated to understand how terrestrial planets work,especially the role of silicate and metallic melts in planetary interiors, from the scale of volcanic magma reservoirs to core-scale and planetary-scale processes.