“Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat” Kara Brugman shares her secret to successful science

Kara Brugman at microscope

In this spotlight, Brugman talks about her recent work, discusses the importance of failure in science, and gives advice to anyone who may be looking to pursue a career in science


“Isotope Queen” Marilyn Fogel Dies At 69

Marylin Fogel at Carnegie Library

Marilyn Louise Fogel, an isotope geochemist whose work touched on a broad scope of subjects ranging from astrobiology to paleoecology and climate change to human health, died Wednesday after a prolonged battle with ALS. She was 69.


Charlie Prewitt, former Director of the Geophysical Laboratory, dies at 89

Charlie Prewitt

World-leading mineralogist, crystallographer, and crystal chemist Charlie Prewitt, the fifth Director of Carnegie’s former Geophysical Laboratory, died peacefully at his home in Arizona on April 28 with his beloved wife, Gretchen, at his side. He was 89.


The Path To Pure Polynitrogen—New Compound A Crucial Step Toward Revolutionary Energy Storage

The path to pure polynitrogen—new compound a crucial step toward revolutionary energy storage

New work from an international team led by Carnegie’s Alexander Goncharov synthesized a new material composed of six nitrogen atoms in a ring, bringing scientists one step closer to creating a long-theorized, pure-nitrogen solid that could revolutionize energy storage and propulsion. 


15 Inspiring Science Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

15 Inspiring Books About Summer to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Whether you're a scientist, historian, or simply looking for your next good read, we hope you enjoy this list of books that are written by, about, or featuring Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) scientists. From Vera Rubin's famed discovery of the evidence for Dark Matter to the search for the origins of life, this list of books will take you behind the scenes into the science, stories, and people that drive the boundary-pushing research we do at EPL. 


Photo Album: Rick’s Retirement Party

Richard Carlson laughs during a speech given by Mike Walter at his retirement party.

On April 1, 2022, Carnegie colleagues old and new gathered to celebrate the retirement of former Director Richard Carlson after an illustrious 42-year career at DTM and the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL). Friends, family, and co-workers came together in the Tuve dining hall to eat Mexican food, tell stories, and raise a glass with Rick.