Shaunna Morrison uses data science to unravel mineralogical mysteries

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Shaunna Morrison is a restaurant owner turned mineralogist who works at the Earth and Planets Laboratory as a Carnegie Research Scientist and the Co-Director of the 4D (Deep-time Data Driven Discovery) Initiative


Earth and Planets Laboratory’s Top Questions in Petrology, Mineralogy, and Mineral Physics

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In this article, our petrologists, mineralogists, and mineral physicists have highlighted six questions that we’re working on so that we can better tell the story of our planet. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Rajkrishna Dutta studies silicates under pressure

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It’s impossible to study minerals in the deep Earth directly (unless they happen to get shuttled to the surface trapped inside of a diamond, but that’s another story). So, mineral physicists like Postdoctoral Fellow Rajkrishna Dutta put minerals through their paces in the lab. 


Nearly 300 people delve into diamond science at latest Neighborhood Lecture

What can diamonds tell us about the Earth?

This month's Neighborhood Lecture, "Exploring for diamonds and what they can tell us about how the Earth works, " was presented by diamond expert and former postdoc Dr. Graham Pearson. In this hour-long talk, Pearson explained in detail how scientists find and evaluate diamond mines. He also looked at why scientists at EPL may prefer their diamonds to be a bit rough around the edges!


Record-breaking flare from Sun’s nearest neighbor

Artist's conception of a violent stellar flare erupting on neighboring star, Proxima Centauri. The flare is the most powerful ever recorded from the star, and is giving scientists insight intonthe hunt for life in M dwarf star systems, many of which have

A team of astronomers including Carnegie’s Alycia Weinberger and former-Carnegie postdoc Meredith MacGregor, now an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, spotted an extreme outburst, or flare, from the Sun’s nearest neighbor—the star Proxima Centauri.


The glove box that held the Moon

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Postdoctoral fellow Nico Kueter writes about the surprising history of a rusty old glove box that housed the very first lunar samples.