Third Annual Carnegie Science Poster Session is Held at Broad Branch Road

Poster Session
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 

The Third Annual Poster Session was a great success this year, taking place on May 9, 2017, at our Broad Branch Road (BBR) Campus.

The event was planned, organized, and promoted by DTM postdocs Miki Nakajima and Erika Nesvold, as well as Geophysical Laboratory (GL) postdoc Zack Geballe, drawing in more than 70 attendees. They encouraged everyone participating to share ideas about anything related to the ongoings at BBR—data, models, publishing, building engineering, machining, electronics, microscopy, paying taxes, accounting, IT developments, Lunch Club innovations, etc. The goal was to see what others on campus have been working on and to spark conversations amongst colleagues.

Everyone on campus gathered in the Tuve Dining Hall on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, for the annual BBR Poster session. Photo by Michelle Scholtes, Geophysical Laboratory

The session itself was comprised of 50 original presentations from DTM, GL, Carnegie HQ, and the University of Maryland. This year, the presentation format was expanded to include a table section for participants to share demonstrations of their work in addition to a poster, which proved not to disappoint. Demos included everything from astrometry to materials sciences, as well as work from our machine shop on high-pressure assemblies.

Alycia Weinberger, a staff scientist at DTM, shows off her infrared spectrograph plugin on her iPhone, similar to the one used at the Magellan Telescopes, at the new demo table section. Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM.

From building a homemade spectrograph using a paper towel roll, tape, and foil with Alycia Weinberger to learning about the tectonic instability of the southeastern US with Lara Wagner, and discussing the origin of the Martian moons with Miki Nakajima to understanding how carbon-rich the Hawaiian plume really is with Jonathan Tucker, DTM's poster topics covered a lot of scientific ground.

Lara Wagner (right), a staff scientist at DTM, shows the Geophysical Laboratory's (from left to right) Michael Guerette, Michael Meyer, and Chao Liu, her poster on the ongoing tectonics the southeastern US. Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM.

The breadth of topics presented that day ranged from scientific research to publishing tips and groundbreaking technology. Shaun Hardy, the librarian at BBR, discussed the uptake in open access in geoscience departments, specifically at Carnegie Science and Columbia University. Floyd Fayton, PHC Linux system administrator at Carnegie HQ, got in on the poster party fun discussing how all the Carnegie Science departments use high-performance computing in their work. 

Kei Shimizu (left), a postdoctoral fellow at DTM, discusses his poster on the CO2 content in Earth's upper mantle with GL postdocs Mike Ackerson (center) and Steve Elardo (right).

A full list of the topics and poster titles is available here. Photos from the event can be found here.

May 17, 2017 

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