Nearly 300 people delve into diamond science at latest Neighborhood Lecture

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Planetary Science
Exploring for diamonds and what they tell us about how the Earth works

This month's Neighborhood Lecture, "Exploring for diamonds and what they can tell us about how the Earth works," was presented by diamond expert and former postdoc Dr. Graham Pearson. In this hour-long talk, Pearson explained in detail how scientists find and evaluate diamond mines. He also looked at why scientists at EPL may prefer their diamonds to be a bit rough around the edges!

You can find the recording of this event and all of our public lectures for free on our YouTube channel. 

Overall, we are thrilled at the success of our virtual Neighborhood Lectures series. It's been a long year, and seeing so many people come together to learn about our science has been a silver lining. We have appreciated the support of our virtual community during the pandemic. Both spring events brought around 300 people, which is far more than we can fit into our auditorium at the Broad Branch Road campus. 

As we move into summer, save the date for our special Asteroid Day Neighborhood Lecture on Wednesday, June 30. Resident asteroid expert Larry Nittler will talk about recent missions to asteroids and what we are learning from them. We will be updating the Neighborhood Lecture page as soon as we know more, so stay tuned for more details