Jonathan Tucker Joins DTM's Geochemistry Group as Deep Carbon Observatory Postdoctoral Associate

Jonathan Tucker
Photomicrograph of a vesicular mid-ocean ridge basalt glass. Image by Jonathan Tucker. Full size image available here.
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 

Jonathan Tucker, who received his Ph.D. in Earth and planetary sciences at Harvard University in 2016, joins DTM's geochemistry group as a Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) postdoctoral associate.

For his Ph.D. thesis, Tucker covered the following areas of research:

  • Noble gas composition of equatorial Atlantic MORBs
  • Evidence for atmospheric loss and multiple magma oceans during accretion
  • Reconstructing primary volatile contents in degassed MORBs
  • Coupled helium and lithophile isotope variability in north Atlantic MORBs
  • Heavy noble gas compositions of north Atlantic MORBs and the origin of atmospheric contamination.

Tucker's research interests involve using volatile elements and compounds to understand the planetary-scale evolution of the Earth. By measuring and modeling the isotopic compositions volatiles, his research seeks to understand the processes occurring during the Earth's formation and 4.5 billion year history. He uses measurements of the noble gas abundances and isotopic compositions in oceanic basalts to understand the processes by which material is cycled between the atmosphere, ocean, crust, and upper and lower mantle.

Additionally, the fluxes of major volatiles, such as carbon and water, affect all facets of the Earth system from surface habitability to mantle dynamics. Tucker's research seeks to quantify these poorly-constrained fluxes by measurements of carbon and water contents and isotopic compositions in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from oceanic basalts. This involves developing methodologies to address magmatic degassing and vapor bubble formation, major roadblocks in robust quantification.

While at DTM, Tucker will work with Erik Hauri, supported through Hauri's DCO grant.

Please join us in welcoming Tucker as our newest postdoctoral associate.

November 29, 2016

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