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Monday, February 22, 2021 

A change is coming to our digital content!

For the rest of 2021, we are showcasing the six big research areas that we explore on our campus—from astrophysics to extreme materials. Each month we will highlight the big questions in each research area, update you on one of our big projects, and introduce you to some of the folks who drive our work. 

We’ll also open up the floor to YOU. We’ll be taking questions from the public on social media (and using this form.) We will select the most popular questions each month and our scientists will answer them in a “Frequently Asked Questions” article for each research area. 

The driving force of this plan is our monthly email, which hits inboxes the last Wednesday or Thursday of the month. In that email, you will find a digest of themed articles, upcoming events, and recent publications. Many of you are already subscribed, but if not you can sign up here.

We think you will like what we have in store, so subscribe and stay tuned!

Katy Cain
Communications and Digital Media Coordinator
Earth and Planets Laboratory


Theme Schedule:

March:  Astronomy and Astrophysics

April: Petrology and Mineral Physics

May: No theme, but we’ll be issuing our quarterly newsletter

June: Cosmochemistry/Geochemistry

July: Geophysics and Geodynamics

August: Quarterly newsletter

September: Extreme Materials

October: Astrobiology/Geobiology

November: Quarterly newsletter

December: Look back at 2021