Physicist’s estate to advance geochemistry and cosmochemistry at Carnegie

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Washington, DC—The estate of the late Carnegie physicist and historian Louis Brown, who died in 2004, and his wife Lore, who died late last year, included a bequest of $4.5 million to support research about the Solar System’s formation and evolution, as well as the planet’s dynamic interior processes.


Carnegie’s Michael Walter Honored By American Geophysical Union

Mike Walter

Earth and Planets Laboratory Director Michael Walter, an experimental petrologist who studies deep-Earth minerals and melts to elucidate the formation and evolution of our planet’s dynamic interior, will be honored with the American Geophysical Union’s Normal L. Bowen Award at the organization’s annual Fall Meeting in December.


Letter from the Director: Summertime at the Earth and Planets Laboratory

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Although it remains hot and humid in early September in our beloved corner of Washington, D.C., it’s becoming clear that summertime is winding down. Cicada chants are waning,  the occasional yellow-brown leaf flutters by, and some nights you can even smell a whisper of autumn in the air. That deeply embedded ‘back to school’ feeling conjures a sense of new possibilities, helping to shake off the last days of ‘living easy’.

Yet, while the ‘fish were jumping’ in the Potomac, we had anything but a lazy summertime here at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL).


Welcoming the 2022 class of postdoctoral fellows


As we move into autumn, it’s time to extend a warm welcome to a new class of postdocs! 

Every year, the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) conducts international searches for outstanding early-career scientists to join our research programs. The postdocs bring fresh expertise, ideas, and abundant energy to campus.  In return, we provide them access to the excellent facilities on campus and mentoring that expands their expertise and prepares them for their future careers.

These scientists are some of the brightest minds in their fields and come from all over the world to work with us. We are excited to have them at Carnegie and can't wait to see their contributions to the EPL team.


From chondrite characterization to deep-sea microbes: SURI interns present their research at final symposium

SURI 2022 Interns

The first year of the Earth and Planets Laboratory’s (EPL) Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURI) ended on August 5, 2022, after ten weeks of intensive hands-on research, field trips, and professional development workshops. The interns closed out the summer with an impressive scientific symposium to share their summer research and celebrate a job well done! 


Postdoc Spotlight: Jens Barosch studies stardust to understand our Solar System

Jens at Microscope with Ryugu sample

Postdoctoral Fellow Jens Barosch recently discovered these rare presolar grains in a sample of the asteroid Ryugu, which was returned to Earth via JAXA’s Hayabusa II mission. These grains help us understand the chemical makeup of our cosmic neighborhood before our Solar System was formed. They also help us understand what type of stars birthed the elements that makeup Ryugu, our planet, and even ourselves!