Great Science was Shared at BBR's Second Annual Poster Session

Poster Session
Thursday, May 19, 2016 

Over 42 posters were hung in the Tuve dining hall the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18, 2016, for the second annual Geophysical Laboratory (GL) and DTM Poster Session at Carnegie's Broad Branch Road (BBR) campus. 

Four of the five poster session organizers from left to right: Rajasekarakumar Vadapoo, Erika Nesvold, Miki Nakajima, and Zachary Geballe. (Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM)

The event was planned, organized, and promoted by GL postdocs Zachary Geballe and Rajasekarakumar Vadapoo, as well as DTM postdocs Miki Nakajima, Erika Nesvold, and Johanna Teske. They encouraged everyone participating to share new data, crazy ideas, pretty pictures, or anything to spark a conversation with their colleagues on campus.

GL Interim Director George Cody with DTM Hubble Fellow Jackie Faherty at her interactive galaxy simulation. (Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM)

The session itself was comprised of 42 original posters from GL and DTM participants: including staff scientists, postdoctoral associates and fellows, and colleagues.  

Postdoctoral fellows and associates mingled alongside their colleagues at the annual BBR poster session. (Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM)

Topics ranged from astronomy to material physics, drawing in more than 60 attendees. A buzz of excitement enveloped the room that afternoon as participants and attendees mingled together going poster to poster to share their science with each other.

"The event provided a unique opportunity to get to know work of my colleagues whom I usually interact with only at social events," says Nakajima about the poster session. "It also showed diversity of research topics at Carnegie."

DTM Staff Scientist Lara Wagner (left) and postdoctoral fellow Christopher Thissen discussing a poster. (Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM)

From an interactive galaxy simulator from Hubble Fellow Jackie Faherty to a planets vs. stars standoff with Postdoctoral Fellow Serge Dieterich, and to the "correlation" between our Solar System's planets and your horoscope from Staff Scientist Scott Sheppard to simulating two billion years of geodynamo history with Staff Scientist Peter DriscollDTM's poster topics did indeed cover a lot of scientific ground.

Postdocs and staff take a minute to pose for a picture beside their posters. From left to right: Jesse Reimink (DTM), Erik Hauri (DTM), Michael Ackerson (GL), Xiao-Miao Zhao (GL), and Brad Foley (DTM).

As participation rises each year for this event, Nakajima says she thinks next year participants should give a one minute presentation of their posters to give people an idea of what everyone is working on. "It's always difficult to see all the posters," says Nakajima. 

A full list of the topics and poster titles is available here. Photos from the event can be found here.

Written by Robin Dienel, May 24, 2016

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