DTM Wins Annual Campus MudCup 1-0 in Overtime

Mudcup 2014
Team DTM comes out victorious at MudCup 2014. (Credit: Pamela Arriagada, DTM, 2014)
Thursday, November 06, 2014 

Every year DTM and GL face-off in a friendly soccer match known as the MudCup, a long-standing tradition that brings our campus together, both as players and spectators.

This year’s MudCup was a well-played, hard-fought game. After last year’s suspenseful 1-1 draw, where DTM scored in the last minute of the game, GL was looking for payback. In the first few minutes of the game, GL indeed had DTM on its toes. Luckily, a combination of John Platt and Brad Foley in goal kept GL at bay. After the first half, the score was tied 0-0.

Spectators from both DTM and GL watch the game. (Credit: Pamela Arriagada, DTM, 2014)

In the second half, after some position changes, DTM was much more aggressive, narrowly missing the goal on several occasions. Conel Alexander, Scott Sheppard, and Greg Linde controlled the middle of the field and helped set up these chances. The defense, anchored by Adelio Contreras, was strong and kept the ball away from our goal. Nonetheless at the end of regulation, the score was still 0-0.

Both DTM and GL teams. (Credit: Pamela Arriagada, DTM, 2014)

By popular demand from both DTM and GL, we decided to play a single 15-minute extra period to determine the winner. In the last minute of extra time, Conel Alexander, John Platt, and Brendan McCormick (a Deep Carbon Observatory postdoc that DTM borrowed for the game) connected on a series of beautiful passes that resulted in Brendan scoring for DTM. GL could not score in the final 30 seconds, and DTM prevailed with a score of 1-0.

Topping off the day with a well-earned pizza party, the MudCup trophy was awarded to DTM. The Cup will remain with our director, Rick Carlson, until MudCup 2015.

Click here to view photos from MudCup 2014 taken by DTM's Pamela Arriagada. 

Written by Timothy J. Rodigas
DTM MudCup Team Captain and Postdoctoral Fellow