The DTM Dynamos Come Close to Reclaiming the Coveted MudCup Trophy from the GL Pistons

Christopher Thissen
Thursday, November 03, 2016 

This year's annual DTM Dynamos vs. GL Pistons MudCup, held on 28 October 2016, featured fresh new jerseys and a plucky DTM team eager to bring the MudCup back to DTM following last year’s narrow overtime loss.

The 2016 DTM Dynamos team in their new jerseys, designed by Miki Nakajima and Otto Medina. Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM.

DTM dominated early on in the game. Jesse Reimink, Nate Telus, Chris Thissen, and new recruit Quancheng Huang controlled the midfield, feeding the ball forward to Miki Nakajima, Otto Medina, and Tolu Olugboji for shots on goal. GL's attackers were sewn up by the solid defensive work of Erika Nesvold, T.J. Rodigas, Adelio Contreras, Tyler Bartholomew, and Jackie Faherty, who made a special trip down to D.C. from New York City for the game. DTM staff scientist Conel Alexander put in a strong performance as goalkeeper.

The Dynamos dominated early on in the game, however the Pistons jumped to an early lead when their captain, Sergey Lobanov, scored a breakaway goal. Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM.

Nevertheless, GL jumped to an early lead when their forward, and captain, Sergey Lobanov scored on a solo run down the sideline that may or may not have included a short trip out of bounds. Undeterred, DTM continued to pound GL's defense, including a number of well-placed corner kicks by Otto. It seemed only a matter of time before DTM would even the score.

Later in the first half, a DTM shot looked to be going into the goal when it was stopped by a GL defensive back’s hand. DTM's resulting penalty kick just missed the top corner of the goal, but Tolu soon put a shot into the GL net, evening the score to 1-1 going into halftime.

Christopher Thissen (right,) captain of the DTM Dynamos, looks at the field with his teammates Myriam Telus, Jackie Faherty, and Sharon Xeusong Wang. Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM.

During the halftime break, GL knew they needed to adjust to DTM's dominance in the midfield. Calling upon the arcane football wisdom of GL staff scientist Andrew Steele, GL evened up the play by pulling another player into the midfield and drawing less from their expansive bench.

Molly, the unofficial DTM Dynamo mascott, cheers her team on from the sideline! Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM. 

Toward the end of the second half, GL player Zack Geballe put a shot on goal that ricocheted off DTM defenders. Despite close coverage by Adelio, and Conel’s valiant attempt to stop the shot, Sergey managed to slip the ball into the DTM net, giving GL a 2-1 lead that would stand until the game's end.

In their only two MudCup victories in the past nine years, Sergey has scored five out of GL's total of six goals. The entire DTM team wishes him the best of luck in his job search this fall.

Despite the 40 year rivalry, the Dynamos and Pistons always come together at the end of the match to celebrate another year of the MudCup tradition. Photo by Robin Dienel, DTM.

Written by Christopher Thissen, Dynamos Captain
November 3, 2016

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