Martian Meteorite Mineral Named After Carnegie’s Yingwei Fei


Carnegie's Yingwei Fei is the namesake of an iron-titanuim oxide mineral discovered in a meteorite that originated on Mars. Caltech’s Chi Ma announced the find this week at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.


Staff Spotlight: Adriana Kuehnel Codes for Earth and Planets

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Adriana Kuehnel is a Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) renaissance woman. We sat down with Kuehnel to discuss her love of astronomy and planetary science and how that has shaped her career so far.


Three women from our past who paved the way for women in science today

Women in science 2021

Since the 1920s, there have been women doing scientific research at the Earth and Planets Laboratory. However, it wasn’t that long ago that women had to fight for a spot on the team, a turn at a telescope, or even just to walk in the door. In this article, we highlight the work of three EPL scientists who paved the way. 


Our top 6 questions in astronomy and astrophysics

A closer look at astronomy and astrophysics

At the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL), the astronomy and astrophysics team explores space to find distant planets and understand their (and our!) origins. In this article, we’ve distilled this work into our top six research questions (with a couple of extras sprinkled in.) Each question is complex and connected to the others in a way that requires EPL scientists to collaborate across research interests to answer. 


February 2021 | Letter from the Directors

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A mission to Mars, new objects in our Solar System, and a Save the Date for our upcoming neighborhood lectures!


Join us for a closer look at the Earth and Planets Lab

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Each month we will highlight the big questions in each research area, update you on one of our big projects, and introduce you to some of the folks who drive our work.