Staff Spotlights

Behind the Scenes: In the Geophysics Lab with Steven Golden


Steven Golden is an Observational Geophysical Technician at the Carnegie Science Earth and Planets Laboratory. He works with the staff geophysicists Lara Wagner, Diana Roman, and Helene Le Mevel to process and archive seismic, volcanological, and other geophysical data.


Shaunna Morrison uses data science to unravel mineralogical mysteries

Shaunna Rover.jpg

Shaunna Morrison is a restaurant owner turned mineralogist who works at the Earth and Planets Laboratory as a Carnegie Research Scientist and the Co-Director of the 4D (Deep-time Data Driven Discovery) Initiative


Staff Spotlight: Adriana Kuehnel Codes for Earth and Planets

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Adriana Kuehnel is a Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) renaissance woman. We sat down with Kuehnel to discuss her love of astronomy and planetary science and how that has shaped her career so far.