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Postdoc Spotlight: Yanhao Lin Explores the Deep Earth Water Cycle

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Yanhao Lin finished up his postdoctoral position at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) in February 2021. While he was at EPL, Lin worked with Deputy Director Mike Walter to research how volatiles—chemical elements found in a planet’s interior like carbon dioxide and water—affect the interior dynamics of planets like the Moon, Mars, and Earth.  


Postdoc Spotlight: Wan Si Tang Creates Nanocarbon Threads in Search for Clean Energy

Wan Si Tang Postdoc Spotlight

In this Postdoc Spotlight, Wan Si Tang discusses the importance of renewable energy technologies and her recent research to more efficiently create new, optically-tunable carbon nanothreads that may change the way future photovoltaic panels are made. Plus, she shares some of her favorite hobbies, advice for future scientists, and what her plans are for her future after her tenure with Carnegie Science. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Daniel Portner's Tomographic Technique for Exploring Volcanic Systems

Postdoc Spotlight - Daniel Portner

recent study by Postdoctoral Fellow Daniel Portner harnesses a technique called tomographic inversion, normally used by doctors for CT scans, to create 3D images of these previously hidden inner structures. In this Postdoc Spotlight, Portner explains this new technique; what he found when he used it at the Cleveland Volcano; and how this study may raise more questions about the volcano than it answered. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Matt Clement Explains New Evidence for How Jupiter and Saturn Formed

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Matt Clement is a Postdoctoral astronomer at the Earth & Planets Laboratory who uses computer modeling to piece together this complex story of how our early Solar System formed. As Clement puts it, trying to figure out what happened “is a bit like trying to understand how to make a smoothie only by tasting the final product.” 


Postdoc Spotlight: Zack Torrano Solves Cosmic Mysteries Using Solar System’s Oldest Solids

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In this postdoc spotlight, Zack Torrano explains how his recent research showed that the oldest solids in our Solar System preserved Ti isotopic variability inherited from the materials from which our Solar System formed. He also discusses how his early love of nature inspired him to want to explore and understand our world and its place in the Universe.


Postdoc Spotlight: Irina Chuvashova Finds New Ways to Measure Materials Under Pressure

Irina Chuvashova in the Lab with COVID19 Mask - Coronavirus Materials Science

In this Postdoc Spotlight interview, materials scientist Irina Chuvashova discusses her recent work and explores what inspired her to become a materials scientist. She also lays out what comes after she finishes her postdoc in September.