postdoc spotlight

Postdoc Spotlight: Kelsey Prissel puts the pressure on Martian minerals

Kelsey Prissel Banner.png

Kelsey Prissel is an experimental petrologist who recently finished up a postdoc with Carnegie’s Yingwei Fei. Her work focuses on determining how elements behave in magmatic systems. In this postdoc spotlight, she talks about the challenges in her field, her recent work putting the pressure on Martian minerals, and what’s next for her after Carnegie. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Tara Shreve watches volcanos from space

Tara Shreve Mountain.png

Tara Shreve is a volcano geodesist who joined the Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow in January 2021. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Asmaa Boujibar explores planetary cores to distant stars

Asmaa in the lab

As Boujibar plans the next phase of her life as an Assistant Professor at Western Washington University, we sat down with her for a postdoc spotlight.


Postdoc Spotlight: Samuel Dunning searches for new materials under pressure

Samuel Dunning

Samuel (Sam) Dunning is a metal-organic framework (MOF) chemist who comes to us from the University of Texas Austin.  At EPL, Dunning is working with Staff Scientist, Tim Strobel to synthesize carbon nanothreads from small molecule compounds, with the specific aim of incorporating new functionalities and atoms into the threads at high pressure. His work will specifically focus on using molecular and non-molecular precursors for the high-pressure synthesis of extended solids.


Postdoc Spotlight: Yanhao Lin Explores the Deep Earth Water Cycle

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Yanhao Lin finished up his postdoctoral position at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) in February 2021. While he was at EPL, Lin worked with Deputy Director Mike Walter to research how volatiles—chemical elements found in a planet’s interior like carbon dioxide and water—affect the interior dynamics of planets like the Moon, Mars, and Earth.  


Postdoc Spotlight: Wan Si Tang Creates Nanocarbon Threads in Search for Clean Energy

Wan Si Tang Postdoc Spotlight

In this Postdoc Spotlight, Wan Si Tang discusses the importance of renewable energy technologies and her recent research to more efficiently create new, optically-tunable carbon nanothreads that may change the way future photovoltaic panels are made. Plus, she shares some of her favorite hobbies, advice for future scientists, and what her plans are for her future after her tenure with Carnegie Science.