Neighborhood Lecture Series

Rewatch Sarah Stewart's Neighborhood Lecture: A New Creation Story for the Earth and Moon

Synestia A New Creation Story of the Earth and Moon

On November 12, 2020, Dr. Sarah T. Stewart, UC Davis, presented A New Creation Story of the Earth and Moon to a virtual crowd of more than 400 participants from all over the world.


More than 300 Attend Virtual Presentation of "Earth's First Crust"

Screen Shot from Earths First Crust NLS Event

On September 24, 2020, Richard Carlson, Director of the Earth & Planets Laboratory (EPL), presented Earth's First Crust to a virtual crowd of more than 300 participants.


Join Us for the Fall 2020 Virtual Neighborhood Lecture Series

 Artist conception of the Moon forming from a synestia, a hypothesized rapidly spinning donut-shaped mass of vaporized rock. Carnegie field crew on 3.5 billion year old rocks at Point Lake, NWT, Canada. Scientists search for what’s left of Earth’s oldest

After postponing our lectures this spring, we're thrilled to announce that the Neighborhood Lecture Series is back—virtually of course. The silver lining? Now that the lectures are being held online, the whole world is our neighborhood!


Dr. Yixian Zheng Brings Biology to Broad Branch for Neighborhood Lecture

 Yixian Zheng

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, more than 150 neighbors of Carnegie’s Broad Branch Road campus gathered to hear Dr. Yixian Zheng deliver her Neighborhood lecture: The Biology of Corals: Basic Research and Environmental Health.