Teachers prep for a week of hands-on geoscience during MUSICA workshop

The teachers from left to right: Ms. Stephanie Anderson, Dr. Clint Harris, Ms. Ariana Kay, Ms. Joanna Lucero, Ms. Amanda McGill, and Mr. Jean-Claude Nkongolo

During the last week of June, Carnegie Staff Scientist Lara Wagner, along with her collaborators Christy Till from Arizona State University and Brian Horton from the University of Texas - Austin, will take six middle and high school teachers into the field to get hands-on experience in geoscience. This effort is part of the NSF-funded MUSICA project, with the goal to jumpstart middle and high school geoscience curriculums with boots-on-the-ground training that coincides with active research.


Carnegie Science Invites Applications from High School Teachers for Multidisciplinary Earth Science and Outreach Project in Colombia

In February, Lara Wagner, Christy Till, Gaspar Monsalve, and Agustin Cardona traveled to Colombia to prepare for the upcoming MUSICA project

Applications are open for eight highschool teachers to participate in staff scientist Lara Wagner’s research project, MUSICA (Modeling, Uplift, Seismology, and Igneous geochemistry in the Colombian Andes).