Letter from the Directors

Letter from the Director: Summertime at the Earth and Planets Laboratory

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Although it remains hot and humid in early September in our beloved corner of Washington, D.C., it’s becoming clear that summertime is winding down. Cicada chants are waning,  the occasional yellow-brown leaf flutters by, and some nights you can even smell a whisper of autumn in the air. That deeply embedded ‘back to school’ feeling conjures a sense of new possibilities, helping to shake off the last days of ‘living easy’.

Yet, while the ‘fish were jumping’ in the Potomac, we had anything but a lazy summertime here at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL).


A letter from the new Director, Michael Walter

Michael Walter New Director Letter

In 2022, I will step into the role of Director at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL). This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of EPL together with my colleagues, but it is also bittersweet because we are saying farewell to our Director, colleague, and friend Richard Carlson.


September 2021 Letter from the Directors

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New colleagues on campus, discoveries in space, awards, events, and more!


May 2021 | Letter from the Directors

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Unlike the cicadas who go pretty much unnoticed during their time underground, EPL staff have been quite visible over the last year as they turn datasets acquired pre-pandemic into publications. As is typical of the work pursued by EPL scientists, the discoveries range from the deep Earth to distant stars.


February 2021 | Letter from the Directors

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A mission to Mars, new objects in our Solar System, and a Save the Date for our upcoming neighborhood lectures!


January 2021 - Letter from the Directors

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2021 is already off to an exciting start. In this month's email, you'll find stories about asteroids, massive volcanoes, and new materials discovered right here at the Earth and Planets Laboratory.