Interview with Alan Boss: Earth-Like Planets Even More Common Than We Thought

Interview with Alan Boss: Habitable Zone Planets More Common Than We Thought

Today, a NASA study published in The Astronomical Journal announced that between 37% and 88% of sun-like stars might have rocky worlds orbiting in their Habitable Zones (HZ). The team of scientists, which includes Carnegie Science Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) astrophysicist Alan Boss, looked at Kepler data from over 80,000 stars and determined that there is roughly one Earth-like planet for every two sun-like stars in our galactic neighborhood, a higher frequency than previously imagined.


Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Interview with Mary Horan

Mary Horan - 1.7.2020 - Chemistry Lab-12.jpg

This month we’re starting a new series looking behind the scenes at the people who make the Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory run smoothly. Kicking us off is Mary Horan, the geochemistry lab manager. In this interview, Horan discusses her work here on campus and posits what the future of the field will hold. Plus, Horan describes the technical side of isotope geochemistry in relation to one of her own research projects.