Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: In the high pressure lab with Jill Yang

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The top-tier instrumentation at Carnegie’s Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL) makes it one of the best places in the world to study materials under pressure. Jill Yang is the high-pressure research technician in charge of making sure those machines work according to plan—and she takes her job seriously!


How does an artist end up writing software for Carnegie’s Magellan Telescope?

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A behind-the-scenes spotlight with astronomical software developer Bryné Hadnott. 


Behind the Scenes: In the Geophysics Lab with Steven Golden


Steven Golden is an Observational Geophysical Technician at the Carnegie Science Earth and Planets Laboratory. He works with the staff geophysicists Lara Wagner, Diana Roman, and Helene Le Mevel to process and archive seismic, volcanological, and other geophysical data.


Behind the Scenes Spotlight: In the SIMS Lab with Jianhua Wang

Jianhua Wang in the nanoSIMS lab

In this short interview, we went behind the scenes to chat with Wang about his work managing the SIMS lab and what he’s looking forward to next in geochemical research.


Playing in the Augmented Reality Sandbox

sandbox at Carnegie HQ

The AR sandbox is a nifty science communication tool we use to demonstrate some of the fundamental aspects of Earth science that happen here at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL). The sandbox allows anyone to build and visualize complex landscapes and how they interact with natural phenomena—like rain—in real-time. 


Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Q&A with Emma Bullock

Emma Bullock in the Electron Microprobe Lab

Meet your "friendly English probe operator" in charge of the electron microprobe laboratory at the Earth and Planets Laboratory.