Latest DTM Publications List

Chabot, N. L., C. M. Ernst, D. A. Paige, H. Nair, B. W. Denevi, D. T. Blewett, S. L. Murchie, A. N. Deutsch, J. W. Head, and S. C. Solomon, Imaging Mercury’s polar deposits during MESSENGER’s low-altitude campaignGeophys. Res. Lett. 43, 9461-9468, 2016.

Ferguson, D. J., H. M. Gonnermann, P. Ruprecht, T. Plank, E. H. Hauri, B. F. Houghton, and D. A. Swanson, Magma decompression rates during explosive eruptions of Kīlauea volcano, Hawaii, recorded by melt embaymentsBull. Volcanol. 78, 71, 2016.

Ferretti, R., R. Amanullah, A. Goobar, J. Johansson, P. M. Vreeswijk, R. P. Butler, Y. Cao, S. B. Cenko, G. Doran, A. V. Filippenko, E. Freeland, G. Hosseinzadeh, D. A. Howell, P. Lundqvist, S. Mattila, J. Nordin, P. E. Nugent, T. Petrushevska, S. Valenti, S. Vogt, and P. Wozniak, Time-varying sodium absorption in the Type Ia supernova 2013ghAstron. Astrophys. 592, A40, 2016.

Horning, G., J. P. Canales, S. M. Carbotte, S. Han, H. Carton, M. R. Nedimović, and P. E. van Keken, A 2-D tomographic model of the Juan de Fuca plate from accretion at axial seamount to subduction at the Cascadia margin from an active source ocean bottom seismometer surveyJ. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth 121, 5859-5879, doi:10.1002/2016JB013228, 2016.

Kaib, N. A., and S. S. Sheppard, Tracking Neptune's migration history through high-perihelion resonant trans-Neptunian objectsAstron. J. 152, 133, 2016.

Kuchner, M. J., S. M. Silverberg, A. S. Bans, S. Bhattacharjee, S. J. Kenyon, J. H. Debes, T. Currie, L. García, D. Jung, C. Lintott, M. McElwain, D. L. Padgett, L. M. Rebull, J. P. Wisniewski, E. Nesvold, K. Schawinski, M. L. Thaller, C. A. Grady, J. Biggs, M. Bosch, T. C̆ernohous, H. A. Durantini Luca, M. Hyogo, L. L. W. Wah, A. Piipuu, F. Piñeiro, and the Disk Detective Collaboration, Disk Detective: discovery of new circumstellar candidates through citizen scienceAstrophys. J. 830, 84, 2016.

Lawrence, D. J., P. N. Peplowski, A. W. Beck, W. C. Feldman, E. A. Frank, T. J. McCoy, L. R. Nittler, and S. C. Solomon, Compositional terranes on Mercury: information from fast neutronsIcarus 281, 32-45, 2017.

Nakajima, M., Stratified by a sunken impactorNature Geosci. 9, 734-735, 2016.

Parker, E. H., Jr., R. B. Hawman, K. M. Fischer, and L. S. Wagner, Estimating crustal thickness using SsPmp in regions covered by low-velocity sediments: imaging the Moho beneath the Southeastern Suture of the Appalachian Margin Experiment (SESAME) array, SE Atlantic Coastal PlainGeophys. Res. Lett. 43, 9627-9635, doi:10.1002/2016GL070103, 2016.

Poh, G., J. A. Slavin, X. Jia, G. A. DiBraccio, J. M. Raines, S. M. Imber, D. J. Gershman, W.-J. Sun, B. J. Anderson, H. Korth, T. H. Zurbuchen, R. L. McNutt, Jr., and S. C. Solomon, MESSENGER observations of cusp plasma filaments at MercuryJ. Geophys. Res. Space Phys. 121, 8260-8285, doi:10.1002/2016JA022552, 2016.

Reimink, J. R., J. H. F. L. Davies, T. Chacko, R. A. Stern, L. M. Heaman, C. Sarkar, U. Schaltegger, R. A. Creaser, and D. G. Pearson, No evidence for Hadean continental crust within Earth's oldest evolved rock unitNature Geosci. 9, 777-780, 2016.

Stone, J. M., J. Eisner, A. Skemer, K. M. Morzinski, L. Close, J. Males, T. J. Rodigas, P. Hinz, and A. Puglisi, L-band spectroscopy with Magellan-AO/Clio2: first results on young low-mass companionsAstrophys. J. 829, 39, 2016.