Large turn out to first in-person Neighborhood Lecture in two years

Around 400 people tuned in to Rebecca Bernstein's presentation, “In Pursuit of Light, Building the Giant Magellan Telescope." 
Bernstein Lecture

In September 2022, we hosted our first in-person #NeighborhoodLecture since 2019!

We were proud to host Dr. Rebecca Bernstein, a Carnegie astronomer and the Chief Scientists for the Giant Magellan Telescope Project, as she presented  “In Pursuit of Light, Building the Giant Magellan Telescope." 

We had one of our biggest turn-outs so far; thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success! Around 160 guests joined us in person, while around 240 chose to remain virtual—around 400 total! We are so glad to have the support of this amazing community of science enthusiasts and neighbors. Thank you!

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Peer into space with the Giant Magellan Telescope’s Chief of Science Rebecca Bernstein


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