Long-term atmospheres of rocky planets are shaped heavily by volcanic degassing. Mantle-derived partial melts act as the first agents to extract life-essential volatile elements and species such as carbon (C), sulfur (S), nitrogen (N), and water (H 2 O) from the interior to the atmosphere. Our current understanding of volatile degassing from the mantle, however, is based chiefly on Earth’s mantle properties and processes. However, redox state of rocky interiors is estimated to vary significantly both for the Solar System planets and rocky exoplanets. In this presentation, I will discuss the influence of differences in the fO 2 of planetary mantles on the volatile storage and degassing efficiency of individual volatile species. I will try to synthesize some recent and ongoing work on solubility and partitioning major volatiles in magmatic systems. The objective is to develop a framework of magmatic degassing for range of planetary systems.


Rajdeep Dasgupta, Rice University

Portrait of Rajdeep-Dasgupta