Physics of Light Dense Matter: Quantum and Classical Effects


Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 11:00
EPL General Seminar
Shanti Deemyad, University of Utah

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Restricting the volume of a material, through application of pressure, changes the dominance of interactions within the material, and exposes unnatural states of matter not found in our predominantly adiabatic universe.  One of the most exotic phenomena in condensed matter is the phase transitions purely driven by quantum effects. While quantum fluctuations in electronic states are always relevant, it is also possible to observe quantum effects in lattice of very light elements. At ambient conditions, the lightest metal of the periodic system is lithium. Similar to hydrogen and helium even at zero temperature lattice of lithium remains far from static and a fascinating system to explore the lattice quantum effects in light dense matter. 

In this talk, Shanti Deemyad will review some of the major goals of research in high-pressure physics in exploring the quantum effects in dense matter. She will present some of our studies on exploring the signature of lattice quantum contributions to the structural phase transitions of lithium at low temperatures and present our results on resolving the long-lasting mystery of lithium ground state. Finally, she will discuss other aspects of our research on electronic quantum effects in materials including pressure-induced superconductivity in new Cu-based systems. 

Shanti Deemyad is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah Department of Physics and Astronomy. Talk hosted by Tim Strobel. 

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