Finding and evaluating diamond deposits is one of the hardest tasks in mineral resource development. In this talk, we will delve a little into the techniques used to find diamonds and how to evaluate the deposits. We will then examine why diamonds—the deepest derived of all natural materials—are unique in their ability to illuminate processes taking place over 700 km beneath Earth's surface, and up to 3.5 billion years back into its history. 

About the speaker:

Dr. Graham Pearson is a former postdoc at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (then the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism) and the current Canada Excellence Research Chair at the University of Alberta. As one of the world's leading scientists in diamond studies, Dr. Pearson uses diamonds as a window into the Earth's past. He aims to understand the formation of diamond-forming roots beneath continents. His research is focused on the cratonic mantle lithosphere, kimberlites, and diamonds. Read more about Graham Pearson on his website.