EPL Publications 2020 - 2021

(Updated through 27 April 2021)

0093   Aarons, S. M., J. R. Reimink, N. D. Greber, A. W. Heard, Z. Zhang, and N. Dauphas, Titanium isotopes constrain a magmatic transition at the Hadean-Archean boundary in the Acasta Gneiss Complex, Sci. Adv. 6, eabc9959, 2020. PDF

0083   Abers, G. A., P. E. van Keken, and C. R. Wilson, Deep decoupling in subduction zones: observations and temperature limits, Geosphere 16, 1408-1424, 2020. PDF

0034   Achilles, C. N., E. B. Rampe, R. T. Downs, T. F. Bristow, D. W. Ming, R. V. Morris, D. T. Vaniman, D. F. Blake, A. S. Yen, A. C. McAdam, B. Sutter, C. M. Fedo, S. Gwizd, L. M. Thompson, R. Gellert, S. M. Morrison, A. H. Treiman, J. A. Crisp, T. S. J. Gabriel, S. J. Chipera, R. M. Hazen, P. I. Craig, M. T. Thorpe, D. J. Des Marais, J. P. Grotzinger, V. M. Tu, N. Castle, G. W. Downs, T. S. Peretyazhko, R. C. Walroth, P. Sarrazin, and J. M. Morookian, Evidence for multiple diagenetic episodes in ancient fluvial-lacustrine sedimentary rocks in Gale Crater, Mars, J. Geophys. Res. Planets 125, e2019JE006295, 2020. PDF

0159   Affonso, G. M. P. C., M. P. Rocha, I. S. L. Costa, M. Assumpção, R. A. Fuck, D. F. Albuquerque, D. E. Portner, E. E. Rodríguez, and S. L. Beck, Lithospheric architecture of the Paranapanema block and adjacent nuclei using multiple-frequency P-wave seismic tomography, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth 126, e2020JB021183, 2021. PDF

0011   Alemseged, Z., J. G. Wynn, D. Geraads, D. Reed, W. A. Barr, R. Bobe, S. P. McPherron, A. Deino, M. Alene, M. J. Sier, D. Roman, and J. Mohan, Fossils from Mille-Logya, Afar, Ethiopia, elucidate the link between Pliocene environmental changes and Homo origins, Nature Commun. 11, 2480, 2020. PDF

0158   Anderson, O. E., M. G. Jackson, E. F. Rose-Koga, J. P. Marske, M. E. Peterson, A. A. Price, B. L. Byerly, and A. A. Reinhard, Testing the recycled gabbro hypothesis for the origin of “ghost plagioclase” melt signatures using 87Sr/86Sr of individual olivine-hosted melt inclusions From Hawai'i, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 22, e2020GC009260, 2021. PDF

____   Armstrong, M. R., H. B. Radousky, R. A. Austin, E. Stavrou, H. Zong, G. J. Ackland, S. Brown, J. C. Crowhurst, A. E. Gleason, E. Granados, P. Grivickas, N. Holtgrewe, H. J. Lee, T. T. Li, S. Lobanov, J. T. McKeown, B. Nagler, I. Nam, A. J. Nelson, V. Prakapenka, C. Prescher, J. D. Roehling, N. E. Teslich, P. Walter, A. F. Goncharov, and J. L. Belof, Observation of fundamental mechanisms in compression-induced phase transformations using ultrafast X-ray diffraction, JOM, 2021. Early Access.

0004   Bauer, A. M., J. R. Reimink, T. Chacko, B. J. Foley, S. B. Shirey, and D. G. Pearson, Hafnium isotopes in zircons document the gradual onset of mobile-lid tectonics, Geochem. Perspect. Lett. 14, 1-6, 2020. PDF

0122   Bhoi, K., H. S. Mohanty, R. Ravikant, M. F. Abdullah, D. K. Pradhan, S. N. Babu, A. K. Singh, P. N. Vishwakarma, A. Kumar, R. Thomas, and D. K. Pradhan, Unravelling the nature of magneto-electric coupling in room temperature multiferroic particulate (PbFe0.5Nb0.5O3)–(Co0.6Zn0.4Fe1.7Mn0.3O4) composites, Sci. Rep. 11, 3149, 2021. PDF

0080   Bischoff, A., C. M. O'D. Alexander, J.-A. Barrat, C. Burkhardt, H. Busemann, D. Degering, T. Di Rocco, M. Fischer, T. Fockenberg, D. I. Foustoukos, J. Gattacceca, J. R. A. Godinho, D. Harries, D. Heinlein, J. L. Hellmann, N. Hertkorn, A. Holm, A. J. T. Jull, I. Kerraouch, A. J. King, T. Kleine, D. Koll, J. Lachner, T. Ludwig, S. Merchel, C. A. K. Mertens, P. Morino, W. Neumann, A. Pack, M. Patzek, S. Pavetich, M. P. Reitze, M. Rüfenacht, G. Rugel, C. Schmidt, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, M. Schönbächler, M. Trieloff, A. Wallner, K. Wimmer, and E. Wölfer, The old, unique C1 chondrite Flensburg – insight into the first processes of aqueous alteration, brecciation, and the diversity of water-bearing parent bodies and lithologies, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 293, 142-186, 2021. PDF

____   Boss, A. P., The effect of the approach to gas disk gravitational instability on the rapid formation of gas giant planets. II. Quadrupled spatial resolution, Astrophys. J., in press.

0052   Boss, A. P., C. M. O’D. Alexander, and M. Podolak, Evolution of CAI-sized particles during FU Orionis outbursts. I. Particle trajectories in protoplanetary disks with beta cooling, Astrophys. J. 901, 81, 2020. PDF

0010   Boujibar, A., P. Driscoll, and Y. Fei, Super‐Earth internal structures and initial thermal states, J. Geophys. Res. Planets 125, e2019JE006124, 2020. PDF

0108   Boujibar, A., S. Howell, S. Zhang, G. Hystad, A. Prabhu, N. Liu, T. Stephan, S. Narkar, A. Eleish, S. M. Morrison, R. M. Hazen, and L. R. Nittler, Cluster analysis of presolar silicon carbide grains: evaluation of their classification and astrophysical implications, Astrophys. J. Lett. 907, L39, 2021. PDF

____   Britvin, S. N., O. S. Vereshchagin, V. V. Shilovskikh, M. G. Krzhizhanovskaya, L. A. Gorelova, N. S. Vlasenko, A. S. Pakhomova, A. N. Zaitsev, A. A. Zolotarev, M. Bykov, M. S. Lozhkin, and F. Nestola, Discovery of terrestrial allabogdanite (Fe, Ni)2P, and the effect of Ni and Mo substitution on the barringerite-allabogdanite high-pressure transition, Am. Mineral., in press.

0097   Bryson, S., M. Kunimoto, R. K. Kopparapu, J. L. Coughlin, W. J. Borucki, D. Koch, V. S. Aguirre, C. Allen, G. Barentsen, N. M. Batalha, T. Berger, A. Boss, L. A. Buchhave, C. J. Burke, D. A. Caldwell, J. R. Campbell, J. Catanzarite, H. Chandrasekaran, W. J. Chaplin, J. L. Christiansen, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, D. R. Ciardi, B. D. Clarke, W. D. Cochran, J. L. Dotson, L. R. Doyle, E. S. Duarte, E. W. Dunham, A. K. Dupree, M. Endl, J. L. Fanson, E. B. Ford, M. Fujieh, T. N. Gautier III, J. C. Geary, R. L. Gilliland, F. R. Girouard, A. Gould, M. R. Haas, C. E. Henze, M. J. Holman, A. W. Howard, S. B. Howell, D. Huber, R. C. Hunter, J. M. Jenkins, H. Kjeldsen, J. Kolodziejczak, K. Larson, D. W. Latham, J. Li, S. Mathur, S. Meibom, C. Middour, R. L. Morris, T. D. Morton, F. Mullally, S. E. Mullally, D. Pletcher, A. Prsa, S. N. Quinn, E. V. Quintana, D. Ragozzine, S. V. Ramirez, D. T. Sanderfer, D. Sasselov, S. E. Seader, M. Shabram, A. Shporer, J. C. Smith, J. H. Steffen, M. Still, G. Torres, J. Troeltzsch, J. D. Twicken, A. K. Uddin, J. E. Van Cleve, J. Voss, L. M. Weiss, W. F. Welsh, B. Wohler, and K. A. Zamudio, The occurrence of rocky habitable-zone planets around solar-like stars from Kepler data, Astron. J. 161, 36, 2021. PDF

0117   Bullock, E., A. Locock, A. von der Handt, J. Fournelle, M. Dungan, and J. Donovan, Including the oxidation state of iron to improve matrix corrections in EPMA analyses, Microsc. Microanal. 26 (no. S2), 1876-1877, 2020.

0076   Bunce, E. J., A. Martindale, S. Lindsay, K. Muinonen, D. A. Rothery, J. Pearson, I. McDonnell, C. Thomas, J. Thornhill, T. Tikkanen, C. Feldman, J. Huovelin, S. Korpela, E. Esko, A. Lehtolainen, J. Treis, P. Majewski, M. Hilchenbach, T. Väisänen, A. Luttinen, T. Kohout, A. Penttilä, J. Bridges, K. H. Joy, M. A. Alcacera-Gil, G. Alibert, M. Anand, N. Bannister, C. Barcelo-Garcia, C. Bicknell, O. Blake, P. Bland, G. Butcher, A. Cheney, U. Christensen, T. Crawford, I. A. Crawford, K. Dennerl, M. Dougherty, P. Drumm, R. Fairbend, M. Genzer, M. Grande, G. P. Hall, R. Hodnett, P. Houghton, S. Imber, E. Kallio, M. L. Lara, A. B. Margeli, M. J. Mas-Hesse, S. Maurice, S. Milan, P. Millington-Hotze, S. Nenonen, L. Nittler, T. Okada, J. Ormö, J. Perez-Mercader, R. Poyner, E. Robert, D. Ross, M. Pajas-Sanz, E. Schyns, J. Seguy, L. Strüder, N. Vaudon, J. Viceira-Martín, H. Williams, D. Willingale, and T. Yeoman, The BepiColombo Mercury Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer: science goals, instrument performance and operations, Space Sci. Rev. 216, 126, 2020. PDF

0086   Burt, J., F. Feng, B. Holden, E. E. Mamajek, C. X. Huang, M. M. Rosenthal, S. Wang, R. P. Butler, S. S. Vogt, G. Laughlin, G. W. Henry, J. K. Teske, S. X. Wang, J. D. Crane, and S. A. Shectman, A collage of small planets from the Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey: exploring the super-Earth and sub-Neptune mass regime, Astron. J. 161, 10, 2020. PDF

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0123   Bykov, M., E. Bykova, A. V. Ponomoreva, A. I. Abrikosov, S. Chariton, V. B. Prakapenka, M. F. Mahmood, L. Dubrovinsky, and A. F. Goncharov, Stabilization of polynitrogen anions in tantalum‐nitrogen compounds at high pressure, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 9003-9008, 2021.

0016   Bykov, M., S. Chariton, E. Bykova, S. Khandarkhaeva, T. Fedotenko, A. V. Ponomareva, J. Tidholm, F. Tasnádi, I. A. Abrikosov, P. Sedmak, V. Prakapenka, M. Hanfland, H.-P. Liermann, M. Mahmood, A. Goncharov, N. Dubrovinskaia, and L. Dubrovinsky, High-pressure synthesis of metal-inorganic frameworks Hf4N20·N2, WN8·N2, and Os5N28·3N2 with polymeric nitrogen linkers, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 10321-10326, 2020. PDF

0146   Bykov, M., T. Fedotenko, S. Chariton, D. Laniel, K. Glazyrin, M. Hanfland, J. S. Smith, V. B. Prakapenka, M. F. Mahmood, A. F. Goncharov, A. V. Ponomareva, F. Tasnádi, A. I. Abrikosov, T. Bin Masood, I. Hotz, A. N. Rudenko, M. I. Katsnelson, N. Dubrovinskaia, L. Dubrovinsky, and I. A. Abrikosov, High-pressure synthesis of Dirac materials: layered van der Waals bonded BeN4 polymorph, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 175501, 2021. PDF

0068   Bykov, M., K. R. Tasca, I. G. Batyrev, D. Smith, K. Glazyrin, S. Chariton, M. Mahmood, and A. F. Goncharov, Dinitrogen as a universal electron acceptor in solid-state chemistry: an example of uncommon metallic compounds Na3(N2)4 and NaN2, Inorg. Chem. 59, 14819-14826, 2020. PDF

0144   Bykova, E., M. Bykov, S. Chariton, V. B. Prakapenka, K. Glazyrin, A. Aslandukov, A. Aslandukova, G. Criniti, A. Kurnosov, and A. F. Goncharov, Structure and composition of C-S-H compounds up to 143 GPa, Phys. Rev. B 103, L140105, 2021. PDF

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0100   Chen, W., D. V. Semenok, A. G. Kvashnin, X. Huang, I. A. Kruglov, M. Galasso, H. Song, D. Duan, A. F. Goncharov, V. B. Prakapenka, A. R. Oganov, and T. Cui, Synthesis of molecular metallic barium superhydride: pseudocubic BaH12, Nature Commun. 12, 273, 2021. PDF

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