BBR Summer Interns Present Posters on Their Research

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Planetary Science
Highlights from the 2018 summer internship program.
Sophia Economon with Drs. Bob Hazen, George Cody, and Shaunna Morrison. 

Sophia Economon presented a poster on "Frequency Distributions in Complex Organic Molecular Mixtures." She worked with Drs. Bob Hazen, George Cody, and Shaunna Morrison on this data project to look for patterns in the distributions of chemical reactions on Earth. (pictured: Dr. Robert Hazen, Sophia Economon, and Dr. George Cody)

Samantha Howell presented a poster on "Database Development and Analysis of Stellar Silicon Carbide Grains" with her coauthors, Drs. Asmaa Boujibar and Shuang Zhang. She worked with Drs. Larry Nittler, Bob Hazen, and Shaunna Morrison on this project to collect, refine, and analyze the large and growing data resources on remarkable microscopic grains of “stellar minerals”—crystals that formed billions of years ago in the energetic atmospheres of old stars. (pictured: Dr. Asmaa Boujibar, Dr. Robert Hazen, Sammy Howell, Dr. Shuang Zhang, and Dr. Shaunna Morrison)

Janneke Kovoor presented a poster on "Biogeochemical processes at the ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal system of Mid-Atlantic Ridge." In this project, she worked with Dr. Dionysis Foustoukos to study the geochemistry of hydrothermal vent fluids evolving during deep-crustal water/rock interactions and near-surface interactions with subsurface biosphere. (pictured: Janneke Kovoor with Dr. Dionysis Foustoukos)

Alexander Skender presented a poster on "Thermal conductivity and reflectivity measurements of potassium chloride." In this project, he worked with Drs. Alex Goncharov and Irina Chuvashova on measuring thermal conductivity and refractive index of KCl and Ir at high pressures and high temperatures. (pictured: Dr. Irina Chuvashova, Dr. Alex Goncharov, Alex Skender, and Dr. Zack Geballe)